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Builders & Architects

If you are interested in designing or building a playhouse for Dreams Happen 2019, please email us at We'd love to answer any questions you may have or to hear about your whimsical playhouse ideas. 

Click on the photos of the playhouses below to view more images of each house!

WellieWishers Garden Playhouse

American Girl
Gary J. Ahern, AIA
W.L. Butler Construction, Inc.

Splash Trolley

AP+I Design
NOVO Construction, Inc.


Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, Inc.


Olson Kundig

Level 10 Construction

Backyard Bandshell

Ike Kligerman Barkley
Van Acker Construction

Time Transporter

Hayes Group Architects
SC Builders

The Skygazer

Libby Raab Architecture
Olivewood, Inc.

Farm to Table

David Baker Architects
Cahill Contractors

The Lookout

BAR Architects
Blach Construction

Fire House

Larry Kahle & John Onken
IAFF L2400, San Mateo County Firefighters

The Enchanted Cottage

Charmed Playhouses

Play is More

Nomos RED
BONE Structure

Millennium Builders

The Stanford Cinema

Metropolis Architecture
XL Construction