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Hard times can force a homeowner to put off critical home repairs, and the results are unsafe living conditions, deteriorating physical and mental health, a loss of homeowner dignity, and crumbling neighborhoods. Thanks to our generous community and their donations, however, thousands of Peninsula community members in need can live independently in a safe and healthy home. Last year, our donors' gifts reached 10,000 people across 19 cities. Through our volunteers’ labor and donated materials, we are able to multiply every dollar contributed into over $5 of renovations. Considering San Francisco Bay Area boasts the world second highest cost of construction at $330 per square foot, our ability to provide cost-efficient home repairs at no cost to our service recipients is, in many cases, essential to a neighbor's ability to address the repair issues that are threatening their wellbeingg. 

There are many ways to donate. Your organization can provide sponsorship for our National Rebuilding Day or participate in a Team Build project. You can donate funds by phone or mail. You can donate with corporate matching gifts or stock. We always need building materials and discounts on materials. Finally, you can even donate an unwanted vehicle.

However you choose to give, know that your gift has a lifelong impact on the neighbors who need it most.

Click here to view RTP’s privacy policy. If you have questions about donating online, please email us, or call 1.650.366.6597.