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No homeowner likes to forgo basic home maintenance, but illness, aging, rising costs, or job loss can force a neighbor to make difficult choices about how to prioritize a limited source of income to meet life's many demands. In the same way, when nonprofit and community organizations face budget strains that affect their ability to serve their constituents, maintenance of their facilities is often neglected in an effort to reserve precious resources for programs for their clients.

Rebuilding Together Peninsula helps restore safe conditions, accessibility, and soundness to homes and community centers with limited disposable income to invest in repairs and maintenance. In just one day, our volunteers make a lifelong difference in peoples' lives.

Rebuilding Together Peninsula provides free health and safety repairs to homes and community facilities that meet our eligibility requirements at no cost to service recipients. Our repair services are based on the individual need of each home or community facility that apply to our programs and may include any of the following:

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