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​Event Committee​

Event Chairs

Kim Boyanowski
Jennie Lang

Playhouse Chair

Gary Ahern, AIA

Underwriting Chairs

John McNellis

Rebuilding Together Peninsula

Annel Aguayo, Development and Marketing Manager RTP
Seana O’Shaughnessy, former Executive Director of RTP

Stanford Shopping Center

Julie Kelly, Director of Marketing
Christa Williams, Assistant Director of Marketing and Business Development

Event Committee Members

Rahela Abbas
Stefanie Bruggeman
Chara Burnett
Kathleen Castaillac
Alexia Clements
Meaux Costello
Lynn Cullen
Heather Dunn
Angie Dupree
Linda Fishman
Justine Franklin
Calla Griffith
Julie Hall
Cherie Healy
Miriam Huntley
Jennifer Joffe
Michele Kirsch
Stephanie Oshman
Lisa Pedersen
Vanessa Roach
Laurel Robinson
Lisa Rothstein
Jill Shanmugasundaram
Jenny Sullivan
Kris Swanson
Suzi Tinsley
Sharon Wong
Liz Wood
Emily Wu
Katherine Wurzburg

Thank you for supporting DREAMS HAPPEN 2015 - we look forward to seeing you again in JUNE 2017